[BlueJacket Sailing] Sue Update (2)

Geoff Schultz geoff at geoffschultz.org
Wed May 28 17:20:28 EDT 2008

Ahoy everyone!

I'll keep this short and sweet and probably won't provide any more
updates for a while, but enough of you have expressed interest in
receiving updates that it'll just be much more simple to send out a
message to this list instead of individual e-mails.

The bottom line is that Sue is doing great. I went to see her this
morning and the change from yesterday to this morning was
remarkable. I think that she was still feeling the effects of the
anesthesia as she was very tired and kept dosing on and off. But she
had already been up and walking, so that was a very good sign. I then
ran some errands and came back at around 2 PM. She was much more
alert and had requested that they take her off of the on-demand
hydo-morphine machine and give her something that lasted longer and
that wasn't quite as strong. After they switched her, she brightened
up to almost her usual state of cheerfulness and we went for a stroll
down the hallway. It wasn't long, but it's a start and the nurses
are telling her, with all sincerity, what great progress she's
made. Her digestive system is starting to do the things that it's
supposed to do, and if she's a lucky girl, they may upgrade her to
Jello this evening! I need to remember to tell her that this is not
a good weight loss regiment. :-)

We're still expecting her to return home on Friday. Her mom (a RN) &
dad will be staying with us for a few days to make sure that I'm
taking care he properly, but I think that I'll be able to handle the
job. Then again, I wouldn't expect much less from my parents.

And before I forget, thank you all for the wonderful messages,
thoughts and prayers. I compiled the messages into one message and
read them to Sue. She thanks you all, as do I.

-- Geoff

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