[BlueJacket Sailing] Sue Update (1)

Geoff Schultz geoff at geoffschultz.org
Tue May 27 19:15:47 EDT 2008

Ahoy from the crew of the BlueJacket!

I'm happy to report that Sue's surgery went well. According to the
surgeon, it went as well as it could have. It was a long surgery,
almost 4 hours, but the Dr. wanted to be a thorough as possible and
not leave any potential source of cancer. As a result they removed
her cervix, uterus and some lymph nodes (this was purely just-in-case).

When Sue's parent's and I finally got to see Sue, she was very sleepy
due to the surgery and the hydro-morphine drip that she was receiving
for the pain. She was doing her best to stay awake, so we finally
left her for the night. The surgeon said that she'll probably be in
the hospital until Friday, so if you'd like to call her, please let
me know and I'll be glad to provide the number. She's at the Lahey
Clinic, Burlington MA, room 7W13.

The bottom line is that so far she's come through the surgery just
fine. Now we just hope that the recovery goes well.

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes. They've been passed on to Sue.

-- Geoff

P.S. Sorry for the brief note, but I'm beat and have many calls to return.

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