[BlueJacket Sailing] Sorry about the bogus posts!

Geoff Schultz geoff at geoffschultz.org
Mon Nov 24 17:34:35 EST 2008

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving from the crew of the BlueJacket!

I've been working on modifications to the JungleMedic's web site and
am implementing a system based upon what I use for on my web site. I
was testing it and used some of my old sailing logs, but I forgot to
strip out the command that told it to e-mail the results to my
mailing list. As a result you got copied on the test posts when you
shouldn't have. Sorry about that!

In case you don't know who the JungleMedic is, he's an amazing person
who we met while in Guatemala. Bryan is from Maine and moved to
Guatemala to provide medical and dental services to the Mayan Indians
who were forced into the jungles due to a genocide propagated by a
past government. Many of these people have never seen a doctor, let
alone a dentist, in their entire life. Bryan hosts medical and
dental teams to provide free services to these people, and when he
gets really desperate, he even lets normal people like Sue and I
participate! :-) I could never begin to do what he does, so we try
to support him in any way that we can. If you're interested, you can
view his web site at


We hope that everyone is doing well. I'm up to my eyeballs in boat
projects and now I'm starting to work on Bryan's web site, so my
plate is full. Speaking of full plates, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

-- Geoff & Sue

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